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About our Osteopaths in Harlow

Our Harlow osteopaths are highly trained Allied Health Professionals who are well known for their expertise in the evaluation, diagnosis and management of the entire musculoskeletal system and its relationship with other systems in the body.


You can expect your osteopath to take the time to understand your individual history, circumstances and unique physiology and provide a package of care that is tailored to your needs. This can include manual therapy, rehabilitation exercises, screening and general health advice.

Osteopathic treatment often involves manual therapy – a range of gentle hands-on techniques that focus on releasing tension, stretching muscles and improving mobility – together with exercises and helpful advice designed to help you relieve or manage your pain, keep active and maintain the best of health. Before our osteopath starts any treatment, they will explain what is involved so you can agree and consent to your course of treatment.

Osteopath in Harlow treating a patient with back pain

Back Pain

Back pain is a very common problem, with reports suggesting as many as eight out of ten of us will suffer from it at some point during our lives.

Osteopath in Harlow treating a patient with arthritis


Arthritis is a condition which causes pain, swelling and inflammation and often stiffness in the joints of the body.

Osteopath in Harlow treating a patient with shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is often caused by over stressing the shoulder through exercise or injuries such as a knock or fall but can also be caused by a neck or back problem.

Osteopath in Harlow treating a patient with neck pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain is common in people of all ages and is often caused by how we use our necks. 

Osteopath in Harlow treating a patient with headaches


There are many reasons we suffer from headaches. Most are not serious and once the cause is established headaches can often be helped by simple changes in lifestyle.

Osteopath in Harlow treating a patient with hand, elbow and arm pain

Hand, Elbow and Arm Pain

Pain in these areas can often be relieved by manual treatment. This can include various forms of soft tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisations and manipulations.

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Osteopath in Harlow treating a patient with knee pain

Knee Pain

The knee is our largest joint. It is a major weight-bearing joint and is one of the most frequently injured parts of the human body.

Osteopath in Harlow treating a patient with hip pain

Hip Pain

Pain in the hip can sometimes be the result of an injury, it can be referred from the back or related to the way you move, stand and/or use your hip.

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We are registered with the Geneal Osteopathic Council.
Our Harlow Osteopaths are fully qualified and members of the institute of Osteopathy.
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